Our Latest Team Giveback Endeavor

Philanthropic efforts have always been big parts of our Aspire culture. Our latest giveback event involved helping to feed the homeless in San Diego. We’re always looking for more ways to help those in our community, especially throughout the holiday season. Having the chance to serve meals to those less fortunate allowed us to see the impact we can make first hand.

We worked with the San Diego Rescue Mission to help feed the homeless and hungry families. This nonprofit is a shelter and recovery center that has been helping people in our area since 1955. Contributing to its mission was a rewarding experience for all of us. We came back to the Aspire office with newfound gratitude for all the good things in our lives.

Our social impact efforts offer many rewards beyond the inspired morale we develop. For one thing, we get to see different sides of our teammates’ personalities when we give back, including hidden talents and even some shared passions. It’s always fun to return to the office and collaborate on work projects after we’ve joined forces for a good cause.

We also bolster our company’s reputation in the community when we support a worthy cause such as the San Diego Rescue Mission. The connections we make with local leaders of all kinds pay off in a variety of ways.

It’s always a good time to support those less fortunate, but the holiday season makes doing so even more rewarding. Follow Aspire on Twitter for updates on our team giving exploits.