How to Invite and Welcome Great Success

Staying motivated is something we take seriously throughout Team Aspire. We have found that a few simple strategies are effective in keeping us engaged. Here are the techniques we put into practice when we want an extra jolt of energy.

We act on our sense of gratitude. When we’re thankful for what we already have, we find it easier to stay driven to accomplish more. We also gain extra confidence when we remind ourselves of the successes we’ve had in the past.  

Writing down our unique talents is another way we keep our motivation levels consistently high. Seeing them in written format is a tangible reminder of how we can leverage them to get things


We use positive affirmations around the Aspire office as well, and we sometimes put these powerful statements in writing. These internal conversations become outward energy through the course of a busy day.

We also think about the range of possible outcomes when we embark on a new project. Rather than hope for the best, we expect it and clear any negative thoughts from our minds in the process. We take one small step at a time, but we don’t put artificial limits on what is possible. By applying this mind-set, we stay grounded yet motivated to do our best work. 

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