Hitting Conferences on Both Coasts

Travel opportunities are some of the best parts of being on Team Aspire, and we recently visited both coasts for rewarding conferences. The first of these events took place in Newport Beach, California, while the second took our top performers to Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Our cross-country trip also included a visit to another successful office, which was an incredible mentorship and networking opportunity.

During these team excursions, we learned new tricks of the business, sharpened our leadership skills, and made sure everything we’re doing follows best practices. We came back to the Aspire office more motivated than ever to achieve major wins for our national service partners.

Throughout our various travel events, we do our best to maintain our routines. This goes for sleep, exercise, and diet whenever possible. We try to stick to our typical times for waking up and going to bed, although it can be tough on the road. We’ve found that limiting caffeine can help us get enough rest when we’re far from home.

When it comes to exercise, we make the most of what we have at our disposal. Hotel gyms can be expansive or limited, so we use long walks around the event sites whenever necessary. Whatever our options are, we make sure to have our workout clothes and shoes for every trip.

We learned so much during our bicoastal conference experiences. Follow Aspire on Twitter for updates on our future travel plans.