Highlighting Two Standout Team Members

We’ve made recognition a central part of the Aspire experience and take time to highlight our top performers. Today, we’re putting two of our new HR managers, Sam and Emily, in our company spotlight. Our firm’s Director of Operations stated, “These two are extremely hard workers who bring strong growth mind-sets to every new challenge.”

Sam comes to Team Aspire from California Polytechnic State University. She possesses great communication skills to go along with her determination to reach ambitious goals. Emily went to Georgia State and has an impressive student mentality. She’s always willing to go the extra mile to help someone else reach a key objective.

We believe regular recognition offers a wealth of benefits to a company. Our Director added, “For one thing, a team that feels appreciated is a happier and more productive one. Our executives are engaged in their work because they know their efforts will be noticed and rewarded. This creates a constant loop of excellent performance and well-deserved praise.”

There’s also a stronger sense of trust throughout our office thanks to the ways we’re highlighted for our efforts. We know management is serious about giving us opportunities to learn and advance, so we’re more than willing to put in the necessary work to move forward in our careers.

We’re happy to have Sam and Emily helping lead the way for our firm. Like Aspire on Facebook for more on our standout team members.