Highlighting Hubert for His Recent Promotion

Hubert is the latest member of Team Aspire to earn a promotion to assistant manager, so we’re proud to give him some time in the spotlight. Our firm’s Director of Operations stated, “Hubert comes to our team with an accounting background and is well respected by everyone on his team. His competitive nature helps Hubert maintain his motivation to succeed.”

One of Hubert’s best attributes is his approachability. Our Director commented, “Hubert is always the one people look to for advice both personally and professionally. He’s a great mentor and a fine testament to what can be achieved through hard work.” When it comes to setting a positive example for teammates, it’s hard to beat what Hubert does around Aspire HQ.

In his free time, Hubert is a big San Diego sports fan. He recently attended the Raiders/Chargers game with colleagues, which was a fun time for all. Like the rest of our team, Hubert wishes the Chargers would have stayed in San Diego.

Another trait that helps Hubert thrive is his commitment to setting clear goals. By putting well-defined benchmarks in place, he knows how to monitor his progress and make the right adjustments when needed. This is another way Hubert sets the pace for everyone in our office.

We’re proud to have Hubert as an assistant manager at Aspire. Follow his career progress and get updates on all our standout performers by liking us on Facebook.