Easy Ways to Impress Interviewers

When it comes to making a strong impression on a hiring manager, you don’t have to do anything especially complex. Being prepared to answer the most common questions is one way to display your competence. So is being ready to make a strong case for your own unique talents and how they fit the role. We look for these things during Aspire interviews, but we’re also impressed when candidates take the following basic steps to make positive impressions:

” Eye Contact: One of the best ways to display confidence is to maintain steady eye contact throughout an interview. When candidates are engaged in the discussion, we take them seriously as potential additions to Team Aspire.

” Arriving Early: Showing

up about 15 minutes before their appointments is another way potential hires make strong impressions on hiring managers. Arriving too early is best avoided, though, because it can put undue pressure on the person or people conducting the interview. Being just a few minutes early shows the right mix of readiness and enthusiasm.

” Asking Insightful Questions: We’re intrigued when candidates go beyond asking about the position itself to explore our work culture in depth. Open-ended questions regarding how success is measured are especially productive uses of interview time.

These are a few of the simplest and best practices for impressing during a job interview. Learn more about what we look for in potential hires by following Aspire on Twitter.