Cancun, Here We Come!

When it comes to making the workplace fun and exciting, nothing beats what we do around Aspire. We love to kick up a notch with team member perks that have to be seen to be believed. And one of the most coveted rewards of all is just around the corner! Our top performers are headed to Cancun in October for the R&R trip. This all-expenses-paid weekend includes plenty of time on the beach to relax, along with a celebration party in which the best of the best will be recognized for their achievements this year!

Aspire’s culture is built on sharing success and giving credit where credit is due. We love to shout out who’s hit milestones. Any accomplishment is a reason for us to throw a party! Seeing our people feel valued is why we stay on top of our game. Here’s

why we know our strategy works:

• Appreciation Is Contagious: When team members know that their contributions are important, they feel better about raising the bar and doing even more. They’re also more likely to encourage others to do the same and help fellow team members reach their goals.

• Recognition Leads to Retention: Companies that have formal reward programs and pathways to advancement are more likely to see their top performers stick around for the long haul.

• Happiness Breeds Success: Laughter, fun, and positivity add joy to any workplace, which means even when facing challenges, our team can find ways to overcome them and come out winning.

Be part of the fun and see highlights from our upcoming trip and other celebrations. Follow Aspire on [Instagram] for pictures and more.