Aspire Offers Team-Building Advice

Imagine the following scenario. You have launched a new business, and hired the best talent you can find. Everyone has unique capabilities with a drive to excel. How do you get everyone to work together as a cohesive, formidable team? At Aspire, we recommend a method called team decoding.

Team decoding is a 30-minute process that enables associates to learn about each other’s strengths. Through a set of exercises, individuals learn how to leverage each other’s qualities so they can work as a more cohesive unit. Here is how it works:

• Perform a Self-Assessment: Ask each team member to take a brief quiz which determines his or her top three strengths. Associates will see where they are similar to and unlike their peers.

• Review the Results: Assemble the team to discuss the results. Ask everyone to present their top strengths to the group. Ask each person to state how his or her strengths relate to the goals of the organization.

• Validate Each Other’s Strengths: Encourage team members to provide instances when they have seen their colleagues utilizing their strengths in the course of their work. At Aspire, we find this exercise is valuable because it helps associates understand what unique talents and capabilities exist on the team.

• Challenge the Team: Moving forward, encourage people to leverage their peers’ talents. Once they have better understanding of each other, they should rely on one another, which will build a greater amount of trust.

When people develop relationships with one another, they are more likely to leverage each other’s skills. We at Aspire hope you use team decoding to strengthen your team. Once everyone has gotten to know each other better, go out and celebrate!