Agustin Earns His Way Forward

It’s an exciting thing when someone from Team Aspire reaches a new level in his or her career. That’s the case right now for Agustin, who was recently promoted to management! Our firm’s Director of Operations explained that Agustin is a well-seasoned pro with a strong work ethic, growth mind-set, and a lot of grit. The Director also noted that Agustin enjoys spending time with his wife and that his dedication to his family is incredible.

Our Director noted that several different types of recognition are employed around the Aspire office. Words of encouragement might be offered at any time during the day, helping to keep our work atmosphere as supportive as possible. A few words of praise in front of the entire team represent a more public form of recognition, and one that tends to inspire the best performance out of everyone.

More formal shows of appreciation might take place at our team events or even during travel outings. Whatever form it takes, lauding our top performers is one of the best ways to boost engagement throughout our team. Everyone wants to be the next to enjoy the spotlight or earn advancement, so there’s always a buzz throughout our workspace after someone is highlighted in a formal way.

We’re excited to have Agustin join our management team. Follow Aspire on Twitter for updates on his achievements and all our top performers.