Let Aspire Help You With First Impressions

Whether you need funding for your start-up or new customers for your business, the ability to make lasting positive impressions is key to achieving your career goals. We at Aspire would like to share a few strategies that will help you win over everyone you meet in as little as 30 seconds:

• Be Careful About Personal Space: You need to mind boundaries when meeting someone for the first time. After all, the first few seconds determine how a relationship will progress. If you have any doubts, just mirror what the other person does to ensure a comfortable distance.

• Maintain Positivity: Think positive and uplifting thoughts both before and during an initial encounter. We at Aspire assure you that your body language and tone of voice will follow along with whatever is in your head, so make sure you’re focused on good things.

• Express Curiosity: Ask plenty of insightful and open-ended questions when forging new connections, because people want to know that you’re interested in their unique experiences. If you can get the other person talking and then keep them on that path, you can be sure that you will be remembered in a very positive light.

• Wear Your Enthusiasm: Define your personal style and dress well for every occasion. There is no doubt that people are drawn to those who project enthusiasm and confidence, and your wardrobe will help you do so.

Our team at Aspire encourages you to apply these methods to make stronger impressions on everyone you meet.