Government Initiatives

Aspire works with a government funded outreach program to distribute telecommunication devices to targeted markets. Together we identify communities and individuals who can gain immense benefits by staying connected through wireless devices. Technology plays a crucial role in today’s world and Aspire is working towards a better future by helping the disadvantaged stay connected with the world.

Lending A Helping Hand

Providing a valuable service to those in need to strengthen the community. Our Aspire representatives within this outreach program our amazing leaders. Our team is composed of dynamic personalities that can run a team, make great connections, and create an impact in the community. Our Mentors within this program are liaisons in guiding our representation to make an impactful campaign and guarantee the guidance we our seeking in our community. Within our team, our leading mentors initiate the benefits and communication assistance to low income families. Our focus is to bridge the gap between the unprivileged community and the beneficial communications outlets they can utilize to create a sustainable future.

Government-Aided Communication

Our partnership with major Fortune 500 telecommunications clientele plays an important role in working to advance future generations by connecting the world through affordable wireless communication devices. Our primary objectives are to identify and give outreach to the community who qualify for assistance in this program with the goal of fostering long term stability for individuals and families. We value our part of making an impactful marketing campaign that can positively alter various lives in the community.

How Our Outreach Program Works

Our outreach government funded program was created by a major telecommunications brand as a federal Lifeline Assistance program intended to bring free cell phones and monthly minutes to individuals who are found eligible. Cellular devices are no longer an extravagant accessory; they have evolved into a necessary addition to everyday life. Aspire partners with Fortune 500 telecommunications clients in order to bring government funded wireless communication to the economically-disadvantaged who cannot afford to maintain this basic necessity. We strongly believe that allowing someone the proper tools for success is the key to creating a promising future full of opportunity.

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