Aspire on Fundamental Business Skills

Our team members at Aspire would like to congratulate you as you embark on your business journey. Although you will develop countless skills and endless wisdom along your adventure, it is important that you master a few abilities before you get started. Allow us to highlight them here.

We at Aspire contend that mindfulness is a vital business skill. It means you can focus on your goals while maintaining awareness of the people and events influencing your efforts. It also means you are mindful of how you influence them.

According to author and founder Rob Fulton, “I didn’t get into meditation until I was well into being a start-up entrepreneur, and it’s helped tremendously, but I wish I’d started earlier. Meditation assists in being mindful with not only my customers but my team members. If I had been more patient earlier, I would have been less aggressive with certain sales, and instead given just enough to have the customer ask for more.”

Entrepreneur Firas Kittaneh echoes Fulton’s reference to patience. He indicates, “A results-now attitude can really stunt long-term growth when you make sacrifices for short-term gain. Fortunately, my cofounder and I were quick in identifying areas for improvement and agreed to be in this for the long haul. So instead of turning a quick profit, we’ve aimed to grow a conglomerate that might even outlast us.”

At Aspire, we hope you have the mindfulness and patience needed to succeed in business.