Aspire Learns From Navy SEALs

Our team members at Aspire know there aren’t many people on the planet who are tougher than the U.S. Navy SEALs. We’re fascinated by their abilities – not to mention their sheer determination and perseverance.

As such, we’ve adopted a few of their leadership principles, which we’d like to share here.
These individuals learn quickly to set and reach small goals, which helps them learn to avoid distraction and heighten focus. They do so by considering their ultimate objectives and breaking the necessary projects into smaller tasks. It’s an immensely detail-oriented way to do things, and it works.

At Aspire, we’ve also learned that Navy SEALs visualize success (as well as working through failure). One of their most intense training exercises, for example, requires them to dive underwater wearing SCUBA gear. Once submerged, their instructors attack and attempt to damage their equipment to remove the diver’s source of oxygen. If they get flustered, they’re in trouble. That’s why they think ahead about how exactly they will work through the challenge and come out on top.

Finally, we appreciate the way Navy SEALs learn to deal with the unpleasant parts of their journeys. They suck it up. This practice is demonstrated by an exercise during which trainees run fully clothed into water, and then roll around in the sand until they’re completely covered with it. They must then stay in their cold, wet, gritty clothes for the remainder of the day.
For extraordinary achievement and success, we at Aspire invite you to follow in the footsteps of the infamous Navy SEALs.