Aspire Examines Technology in Corporate Philanthropy

For us at Aspire, giving back to our community has always been a high priority. We typically do so by volunteering as a team and supporting local organizations. This approach is motivated by the fact that traditional corporate social responsibility seems to be broken. The strategy of writing a check and then going about the day is simply not effective.

Until recently, the most common channel for giving was a paycheck deduction that was paired with a worthy cause. This is certainly effective at providing money to charities, but the impact stops there. Fortunately, new technological solutions make it easier for people to control where their giving goes.

To help our volunteering efforts at Aspire, we poll everyone on our team on the organizations they would like to support. However, even much larger business teams can use technology to power volunteer efforts. They can set up ways for people to sign up for events. This selection process creates a much more engaging and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

A similar approach can be applied to financial contributions. When team members have more control over what they support, they will care more about their chosen causes. This personal form of giving is possible thanks to technology.

We at Aspire believe that every business leader should seek to engage people more in their communities. Service is a great way to make teams stronger, so we suggest that you think about how you are making giving back part of your culture.