Aspire Adopts Roosevelt’s Productivity Technique

As far as we at Aspire are concerned, Theodore Roosevelt is among the greatest and most prolific U.S. presidents. By the time he was elected into office at the young age of 42, he was already an established and respected leader. He served as New York City’s police commissioner, and was the Navy’s assistant secretary. He even led the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War. As if that wasn’t enough, he also wrote hundreds of articles and published 40 books!

Obviously, Roosevelt knew a thing or two about productivity. Our team members at Aspire learned that he embraced the concept of deep work. In other words, he knew how to apply his full intelligence and focus to a set period of distraction-free time. Roosevelt acquired this ability while enjoying an array of extracurricular activities as a student at Harvard.

The aspiring leader began each day by creating his schedule. He saved a slot of time for lunch, and added his athletic training and classes. Short periods of time between these commitments were left for study. His evenings were free.

At Aspire, we have adopted this approach to productivity by identifying our high-impact tasks every day. Then we schedule them using firm deadlines. Maintaining intense focus, free from chats and daydreams, was exhausting at first. Nonetheless, we’ve steadily worked ourselves into efficient routines.

Will you try working like Roosevelt?