Aspire’s Successful Leadership Secrets

Just as there are constantly new industry trends and best practices to learn, there are always new and innovative leadership strategies to consider. At Aspire, we closely monitor the world’s successful business leaders, and listen closely when they have advice to share. Nicole Shariat Farb is one of these individuals. She is the former head of emerging private companies at Goldman Sachs, and now a cofounder of Darby Smart, a thriving artisan gift site. These are her suggestions:

• Create Value Instead of Looking for It: No matter where Farb is working, she focuses on what she can bring to the organization. By thinking about the things she has the power to do, she takes control over her own success. As an additional bonus, she usually receives as much value as she contributes.

• Do the Grunt Work: We at Aspire realize that a lot of hard work is necessary to travel the path of success. Farb understands this as well, and suggests that no one think he or she is too good to do what it takes to get ahead.

• Be Wary of Time: In our fast-paced world, things can change in the blink of an eye. To stay relevant, it’s crucial to move deliberately and efficiently. According to Farb, “Things move so quickly and companies can emerge so fast that you have to move very quickly or someone might eat your lunch. It’s critical that you are nimble.”

Our team members at Aspire encourage you to remember Farb’s recommendations while you develop as a business leader.